Safe Space by John Hayes


Safe Spece by John Hayes

Review by Michael O’Sullivan

Hypnotherapy is a relaxation based therapy; therefore it is ideally placed to help people who suffer from stress and anxiety. There are many books on the market dealing with hypnotherapy, relaxation, stress, anxiety and panic attacks, so one might be forgiven for wondering why yet another book in this genre might have something new to offer?

The author of Safe Space, John Hayes, is to be congratulated for producing a mini-classic!
The book deals specifically with the sense of ‘unsafe’, those feeling of anxiety and panic that can occur following an unfortunate personal experience.

I was expecting a disappointment when I read in the introduction that the book was aimed
at a dual audience. Safe Space is presented as both a guide to practitioners and a selfhelp
manual for sufferers. Despite the problems inherent in writing a work aimed at a dual
audience the author was successful in pulling it off with safe Space, no mean feat! The
book serves its purpose well in both guises and I was pleased to see that it didn’t suffer
the usual degradation in content that can easily happen when the author tries to make
their book all things to all people.

I’d suggest that the future of Safe Space though is as a textbook for therapists who are in training and would form an important part of their ongoing professional development (CPD) training for established therapists. I say this because the book is focused on specific issues and provides a ‘how to’ manual. The book is well written, the material clear and well presented and easy to follow.