Severe Stress Syndrome and Combined Cardiogenic Syncope


It took about three years to properly diagnose my condition. As with many conditions, symptoms developed slowly then one day I realised I was feeling under par for most of the time, The vague, non-specific symptoms had been increasing in severity to the point where ‘episodes’ were now no longer fleeting and had become very noticeable. My legs would start to feel very heavy and I was feeling more tired and light headed than usual. I’d visited my doctor on several occasions for checkups but nothing out of the ordinary had been found. I had been sent to specialist consultants, whose areas of expertise covered just about every area and system of the body.

All the results came back negative. It was inevitable, I suppose, that thoughts turned to my state of mind. As I was feeling down, might I be depressed? Well, in the circumstances I wasn’t feeling brilliant but I’ve been depressed before, and this didn’t feel like depression. By this time, colleagues and friends had began to notice changes in me. I was forgetful, not my usual self, got tired easy and was making loads of mistakes, and suddenly wouldn’t be there in the middle of a conversation, none of which are like me!

In the circumstances, I agreed to a few sessions of CBT to see if that improved things. The question of whether or not I had a reason to be unhappy and ‘benefit from secondary gain’ by ‘making myself ill’ was raised.

The counseling sessions did not go well – probably because it turned out that I was not depressed – continue reading full article: