Stress Management and Trauma Related Training

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Brief overview: GSMTS accreditation is a formal recognition of an organisations competence to deliver training that meets its published standards, and in accordance with both local legislative requirements and best practice.  The main aims of GSMTS accreditation are:

  • To raise student confidence in the training provider and its ability to deliver training and appropriate levels of student support

Training Course Accreditation

One of the major aims of GSMTS is to promote excellence in stress management & trauma related training through an accreditation scheme. Uniquely the GSMTS is free to Accredited Training providers who agree to help GSMTS meet its aims. In return for inclusion in our accreditation scheme, trainers are required to have a minimum of one faculty member enrolled with GSMTS as a member. This application can be made in conjunction with an application for accreditation.  Accredited training providers agree to provide information about GSMTS to their students and graduates and to maintain a link to the GSMTS web site from their own web site or sites.

In addition accredited trainers agree to:

  • Offer at least one discounted place on a relevant training program to GSTSM members every 12 months – a suggested minimum discount of 10% is recommended
  • Submit a minimum of 5 quality blog posts on relevant topics for the benefit of all GSMTS members – submitted blog posts will contain full credit and links to the author or organisation

Training provider criteria:

There are many thousands of training courses available dealing with stress and trauma. They range from diploma practitioner level, workshops of varying lengths, CPD courses and events to distance learning, online and classroom based training and any combination of the above.   Stress & Trauma Management training in the UK is provided under common law by a large number of organisations, these include:

  • Sole traders
  • Private companies
  • Charities
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Professional & Trade Associations
  • Support Groups

Would be trainees often look for training course/provider accreditation as a form of quality assurance indicating that the trainer has been externally verified and has undertaken to work to a defined set of standards. Increasingly would be trainees are aware that initial training is a crucial first step in a long and varied career. Ongoing support will always be a consideration as continuing professional development (CPD) has become an expected part of a counsellor’s or therapist’s working life.

GSMTS accreditation is unique in that it provides both a form of quality assurance about the training provider but also offers a route for students and graduates of accredited training providers to access a peer support group. GSMTS does not seek to limit but rather to encourage the various methods of training delivery.  To this end we offer accreditation to training providers whose courses contain:

“A significant amount of material relating to stress and/or trauma with particular emphasis on physiology and/or techniques and methods of treatment or management”

Additional requirements:

  • Publish a comprehensive table of contents or course overview
  • Publish full details of all direct and indirect fees payable
  • Provide a named tutor or administrative contact for all students
  • Publish full contact details
  • Publish a privacy policy
  • In the UK be registered with and display registration numbers for:
    • Data Commissioners Office (
    • UK Register for Learning Providers (
    • International providers (by applying) confirm that they meet local regulations required to trade legally
  • Publish a communications policy detailing as a minimum:
    • Expected response times for general queries
    • Expected return times for course work/feedback if applicable
  • Ensure that all advertising (in what form or medium it is published), represents a truthful, honest and accurate picture of themselves, their skill-base, qualifications and facilities

All applications are in strict confidence.

Note:  GSMTS will only accredit training providers who publish contact details which includes a contact name and postal address. Accreditation is entirely at our discretion and may be removed at any time without notice. No correspondence will be entered into.

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